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THE DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS SA PRINTING INKS AND COATINGS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (hereafter DRUCKFARBEN) provides information and services to users through the Internet site www.druckfarben.gr (hereafter the Website). Access and use of this Website is governed by the herein stated terms and conditions, which users are requested to carefully read and fully comply with. Use of this website signifies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

DRUCKFARBEN reserves the right to add, delete or modify these terms and conditions, at any time and for whatever reason, without prior warning, and to communicate any such additions, deletions or modifications of the terms and conditions via a relevant notification posted on the Website’s homepage. Continued use of the Website after the effective date of any such additions, deletions or modifications of the terms and conditions shall signify their unconditional acceptance by the user.

1.1. DRUCKFARBEN is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all liability for any action by a natural or legal person that is based, directly or indirectly, on the content and information included in this Website, whether provided by DRUCKFARBEN or a third party.

1.2. DRUCKFARBEN does not warrant, expressly or implicitly, that the content of this Webpage will always be up-to-date, secure, and error free, nor that it will meet user requirements and, therefore, that the results from its use will be reliable, accurate and free of errors, and expressly disclaims any such responsibility.

1.3 As a result of ongoing developments, the information contained on the Website may not always be fully up-to-date and for that reason is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The use of any information received, downloaded or saved from or through the Website relies exclusively on the judgment and responsibility of the user. The user accepts that he must evaluate their content and is solely responsible for any risk that may be caused to the user or third parties by the use of such content.

The copyrights of the Website’s content, including, but not limited to, all documents, files, texts, images, graphics and attachments contained therein, as well as the Website’s overall look, are the intellectual and industrial property of DRUCKFARBEN unless otherwise stated, and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law.
2.2. All product names mentioned on the Website are trademarks of DRUCKFARBEN, except for those identified as the property of third parties.

2.3. DRUCKFARBEN, provided that the user does not modify the Website’s information in any way and retains all copyrights and trademarks, grants limited permission to the user to copy and print excerpts or documents from the Website, for personal and non-commercial use, except for content that is the property of third-parties and is marked as such. The use or reproduction of DRUCKFARBEN logos and trademarks is prohibited without the prior written consent of DRUCKFARBEN.

2.4. Unless otherwise stated, copying for commercial purposes, modifying or reproducing the whole or part of the Website’s content in any way or form that is based on it or on its content, or its incorporation into other websites is strictly prohibited. Links on the Website may not be included in other websites without the prior written consent of DRUCKFARBEN.

3.1. The information provided by users of the Website except from the personal data (including but not limited to know-how, comments, ideas, questions, techniques, excerpts or other similar information) to DRUCKFARBEN is not considered confidential but available for public use. DRUCKFARBEN may disclose, copy and use all or any part of such information for any purpose without limitation, even in the development, production and marketing of its products.

4.1. Part of the Website’s content (e.g. articles, data or excerpts) may be the property of third-parties, or links on the Website may lead to third-party websites. These third-parties bear full responsibility (civil or penal) for the security, legality or reliability of their website content and services, and DRUCKFARBEN disclaims any responsibility or liability arising from their use.

4.2. DRUCKFARBEN does not warrant that users of this Website have the right to use third-party content available on the Website. Users must obtain the permission of these third-parties before using such content in any way.

4.3. DRUCKFARBEN provides links on the Webpage for the convenience of users, but has no control over the content of third-party websites that can be accessed through links on its Website. Therefore, DRUCKFARBEN disclaims any responsibility for these websites and their content.

5.1. The use of software downloaded from the Website to the user’s personal computer and the assessment of possible risks associated with this action are solely subject to the discretion and responsibility of the user, who must ensure that the downloaded software is compatible with his/her computer and does not contain viruses.

6.1. DRUCKFARBEN reserves the right to change, modify or remove all or part of the Website, at any time and without prior notice. Any changes will be in effect when the user next visits the Website. Users are not entitled to compensation for damages due to their inability to utilize the services offered by the Website.

7.1. All inquiries should be forwarded by email to: contact.us@druckfarben.gr.

«DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A» considers the security of user personal data very important and makes every effort to ensure that the personal information submitted remains confidential in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR).

Our privacy policy defines the rules that govern the use of personal data submitted by users. Whoever uses the Website or registers as a user of services provided by «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A» explicitly consents to such use.

Users are required to carefully read our privacy policy and in case of disagreement to discontinue using the Website.

The privacy policy may be updated, in which case a relevant notification will be posted on the Website’s homepage. Users are required to regularly review the privacy policy so as to be aware of any changes, otherwise, the continued use of the Website will imply the unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions as applicable.

8.1. Personal Data Privacy Notice

8.1.1 General Information: Τhis privacy notice is to provide you with information concerning the processing of your personal data when using our Website and related services. Personal data within the meaning of article 4 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are all the information, such as name, home address, e-mail address, online ID (e.g. cookies, IP addresses, e-mail addresses), concerning natural persons whose identity is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly. For the purposes of this Notice, «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» («DFH SA») is responsible for the processing of Personal Data. The company is based in Aspropyrgos, Attica, av. Megaridos, location Kallistiri, having the following contact details: Tel.: 2105519300 Fax: 2105519301 Email: contact.us@druckfarben.gr.

8.1.2 We collect and process your personal data when you’re using the following services of our Website:

You can contact us through our website either by filling the designated for users contact form or by email. The data you provide (such as name, telephone number, email address, etc.) will be stored by «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» only for the necessary time and in order to serve the purpose for which the communication was made. Once your request and/or question are served and if no contractual relationship arises between the parties, the storage of the data is not necessary for the intended purposes and the data is deleted. As for users to know, their data collected according to the above may be transferred to competent departments of the company depending on each case.

You can also through our website subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive personalized information about our products, services or in order to invite you to take part in promotions. Registration is done by filling an online application form, in which personal data (such as name, email address, country of residence and other information) are voluntarily submitted by you. If there is no longer respond to the newsletter, for example in the case of users’ inactivity, the data we collect is automatically deleted after 24 months. Furthermore, if you no longer wish to receive newsletters, you are always given the right to do so (“unsubscribe” policy). Lastly, you can any time by sending an e-mail to contact.us@druckfarben.gr either request your deletion from the list of users receiving newsletter or request modification of the data you provided to us when you subscribed.

Furthermore, through our Website, the company may collect and process your personal data for trading purposes. When you purchase products or services through our Website, we use your information to process the purchasing, to complete your order and to provide you with the products or services you have ordered. As to serve your order, you provide us with personal data such as your name or other details consisted of the requested form as proof deposit etc. We will process your data for the time required to manage the purchase of the acquired products, including the period of time that any refunds, withdrawals, complaints or claims related to the purchase may arise. Some of your information that you may have allowed us to retain for more, we will do so until you tell us to stop.

8.1.3. Personal data protection:  Personal data are stored on a secure, password and firewall-protected server. «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» designed appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that Personal Data are confidential and intact and to protect them from being accidentally or unlawfully destructed, lost, alternated or disclosed without authorization. The measures are taken, also prevent others from having access to your Personal Data when they are transmitted, stored or processed in any way and prevent every other unlawful form of processing, under applicable law. The processing of Personal Data is carried out solely by the designated personnel of the Controller Data, personnel which is bound by strict confidentiality obligations.

8.1.4 Legal basis of processing data and data storage: «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» collects and processes Personal Data in the legal basis of either the legal obligation to which we are committed or the execution of a contract with you or the legitimate business interest when this overrides your interest in protecting your data. Otherwise, the legal basis of processing is your consent (we will ask you to provide us with your consent before we start processing your data). «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A» may keep a record and process personal data of users. Users, in compliance with the terms of the European regulation GDPR, will be informed about that through our Website. We will not disclose or bring to public personal data of users. Collaborators of «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» may have access to data records only to promote, support and improve the company’s services, as well as the company’s relationship with every user.

Our company stores your personal data for as long as you continue to interact with us and only in case data are necessary for the reason that have been collected and processed, as given above. Otherwise, we will retain your data until any responsibility may arise from the processing, according to the applicable legislation or until we do not need to keep them according to the law e.g. we need to keep them for tax purposes. We also retain them until you ask us to delete them, or until your consent is withdrawn, or until you object in the processing data which legally based to company’s legitimate interest. As to determine the storage time of your personal data, we also take into account the nature and quantity of your data, the purpose of processing, data’s safety etc. In any case, your data is stored securely. After the end of the storage period, personal data is destroyed by the company’s physical files and systems.

8.1.5 Users’ rights as far as their personal data are concerned:  Being users of the Website you have the status of the subject of personal data and in compliance with the general data protection regulation of the EU (GDPR) (Articles 15 and fol.), you enjoy the following rights as regards to your personal data:

You may request information about your stored personal data from our company at any time by contacting us at the above-mentioned email address. In addition, you have the right to request at any time the updating/ access/ rectification/ provision of extra data/ limitation of processing or your personal data be deleted without any charge. Finally, you may at any time object to the procession of your data and receive back the data that you gave us.

If you gave us your consent (Article 6 (1) a GDPR) to process your data, you can withdraw your consent at any time.

Any request regarding the modification, updating and/or cancellation of your personal data processed by our company, can be sent to contact.us@druckfarben.gr

Finally, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority (article 77 GDPR) via the written form (address: Kifisias 1-3, 115 23, Athens) or electronic form (www.dpa.gr) or by contacting any other competent supervisory authority.

8.1.6 Transferring your data to a third country: Being Data Controller, our company does not transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations for which there is no relevant decision of the European Commission unless legislation is complied with. If such transfer takes place, your prior information is required.

8.1.7 Personal Data Privacy Notice as far as candidates are concerned: This Personal Data Privacy Notice concerning candidates is complemented by the general privacy policy that the company follows. It explains how «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» processes your personal data when you apply for a job in our company. It also includes information about the rights you have in order to protect your data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR). When you apply for a job, you voluntarily provide us with your personal data. However, if you do not provide us with your personal data, our company -not being able to process your application- will not sign any contract with you.

Data Controller.

In this particular case, responsible for the Processing of Personal Data is «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» (“DFH SA”) based in Aspropyrgos, Attica, av. Megaridos, location Kallistiri having the following contact details: Tel.: 2105519300 Fax: 2105519301. If you have any question about this Privacy Notice or wish to contact us for any reason regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact the Manager of the Human Resources department at the following email address hr@druckarben.gr.

What personal data we process.

At first, we collect and store data that you provide to our company through your application, which is sent to us either through the contact form on the website or via mail to hr@druckarben.gr. We can also collect your personal information from other sources, such as CVs platforms (e.g. the kariera.gr website), or recruitment consulting companies. After the hiring procedure, the data that «DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A.» collects and processes include your contact details, your CV, any accompanying letters and recommendations from previous employers, any notes made during your personal interviews, your salary requests, any results of the tests you make online, etc. We also collect and process specific categories of data -such as data relating to health issues, only after you gave us explicit consent to do so and only where required.

Data storage period in our systems.

Our company stores your personal data only for as long as the process of selecting candidates is continuing (“reasonable” time). In case of your hiring, your personal information will be retained for as long as you are working in our company. In case of non-hiring by any reason, your personal data will be kept in our systems for a period of 6 months starting from when it is clear that there will be no cooperation with our company and so as to use your documents for other jobs that may remain vacant. At the end of the period of 6 months, the data storage is no longer necessary for the intended purposes and the data is deleted. This period is going to be extended in case that court proceedings, tax or other legal obligation of the company may arise.

Purposes of processing your data.

The purpose of processing your data is to manage your job application. In case of your hiring, the processing will also be placed for the execution of our contract. The processing of the data will not take place for any other purpose. In case of hiring you, we will be able to process the personal data we have already received from you.

Data Subjects’ rights.

You may request information about your stored personal data from our company at any time by contacting us at the above-mentioned email address. In addition, you have the right to request at any time the updating/ access/ rectification/ provision of extra data/ limitation of processing or to erasure your personal data without any charge. Finally, you may at any time object to the procession of your data and receive back the data that you gave us.

Transferring your data to a third country.

Being Data Controller, our company does not transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations for which there is no relevant decision of the European Commission unless legislation is complied with. If such transfer takes place, your prior information is required.


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«DRUCKFARBEN Hellas S.A» welcomes email inquiries by Website users or visitors on any issue at contact.us@druckfarben.gr.

9.1. A user’s status on this Website is personal and should not be shared with any other individual. When assigned a username and/or password, the user agrees to maintain their confidentiality and to immediately notify DRUCKFARBEN as soon as he/she becomes aware of any unauthorized disclosure or use of his/her username and/or password. Users are solely responsible for any loss or damage that may result from such unauthorized use or disclosure.

9.2. The user agrees to use this Website according to the terms and conditions herein. In the event the unauthorized use of the Website results in loss or damage to a third party that subsequently asserts claims against DRUCKFARBEN, the user shall indemnify DRUCKFARBEN for any material damage or consequential losses that may result from such claims.

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9.4. The user undertakes to:
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9.4.2. To not violate, when using this Website, whether knowingly or otherwise, any applicable laws or regulatory requirements.
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9.4.7. To promptly inform DRUCKFARBEN of any changes to the user’s registration information. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their registration details are kept up to date.

10.1. If any of the terms and conditions is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms.

10.2. The terms and conditions herein represent the entire agreement between each user and DRUCKFARBEN and govern the access and use of the Website by users. These terms and conditions supersede any and all prior written agreements between any user and DRUCKFARBEN regarding the use of the Website.

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