Talent sourcing and management is of great importance to us. Working in Druckfarben team is all about learning, developing, innovating and contributing to a better future for the company and for our society.



Our people are passionate in their everyday working environment. They are proud ambassadors of our brands and products and are willing to go the extra mile to contribute to the company success.

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You will work for a company which is committed to both business success and social responsibility. For many decades, Druckfarben is a social responsibility company that cares about its employees, partners, suppliers and the environment.



Either working for the R&D division or the Customer Service or the IT department, in each and every task that we perform, we believe in making this in an inspiring way while producing innovative ideas and products.



Druckfarben employees are supportive, friendly and collaborative. They respect each other and are true team players. When joining Druckfarben, you will find a professional business and friendly environment that promotes authentic and honest relationships among employees. This results in a positive mindset where you can easily discuss ideas and network with all your colleagues no matter their position in the company.



You will have a clear sense of what to do and the “why” behind doing this. Our teams work closely together to achieve a common goal. You will be best guided to contribute with your ideas and enthusiasm by highly experienced and willing to share their knowledge colleagues.

Druckfarben is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information please send your inquiries at HR@druckfarbengroup.com