Although we are proud of our history, we are even more excited about the future. Whether it’s expanding further into our local or international markets, or leveraging the latest technology and innovation to solve our client problems, we are always developing new services, innovative products and applications.

DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS Α.Ε.Β.Ε. was founded on 4.4.1986, from the conversion of the former company titled DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS LTD PRINTING INK INDUSTRY, established in 1970. Today, DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS S.A. is an industrial company in the ink and paints sector, with specialization in the Flexible Packaging sector, the Decorative paints sector with KRAFT PAINTS and also in Energy saving and upgrading systems with the certified External Thermal Insulation BIOCLIMA system.

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The Company was created from the conversion of the Limited Liability Company "DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS G.M.B.H. DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS LTD HELLAS TYPOGRAPHIC COLORS INDUSTRY", which was founded in 1970 (Official Government Gazette 68 / 13.2.1970).


In 1986, DRUCKFARBEN Hellas LTD becomes a Societe Anonyme. In the same year the construction of its industrial facilities in the Community of Agios Nikolaos Chalkis began, completed in 1987.


In the beginning of 1993, the Company began a series of mechanical equipment investments in the expansion of its factory in Chalkida aimed at increasing productivity. At the same time, software and hardware were also modernized and adapted to modern data computerization. Today, the company enjoys a fully modern IT environment.
In the context of its main activity in the production of inks for flexible packaging, the Company has created a separate research and development division, aiming at developing new, environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of its customers.


In 1998, the Company entered the Athens Stock Exchange. Also, in February of the same year, the Company installed a Certified Quality System in accordance with EN-ISO 9001.


In 1999, the Company made a dynamic entry into the paint market by acquiring 100% of the company HELIOS S.A. (then 35% of the international company ILIOS COTACHEM AEBE), 16% of INTERNATIONAL COTACHEM AEBE (consequently the share of DRUCKFARBEN in IHC was 51%) and 93.4% of POLYMET SA. These acquisitions were part of the Company’s integrated development strategy through acquisitions, of related sectors with the one it operated.


In 2002, the Company establishes a Cypriot company called DRUCKFARBEN (Cyprus) Ltd, which is the vehicle used for the company’s international expansion.


In 2003, the Company, through its subsidiary DRUCKFARBEN (Cyprus) Ltd, acquired DFH BULGARIA EOOD in Bulgaria, another company active in the flexible ink packaging industry.
In the same year, the Company’s group headquarters relocate to Aspropyrgos, Attica, on a privately owned land of approximately 40,000 m². A new production facility for inks manufacturing and distribution center was built in that plant.
Also in the same year, the merger of DRUCKFARBEN Hellas SA, POLYMET SA and HELIOS ABE with the absorption of the second and third Company from the first, were approved by the Ministry of Development.


In January 2004, the Company acquired 43% of COTACHEM FARBEN GmbH from Germany and thus its shareholding in the share capital of the company stood at 94%. Subsequently, in October of the same year, the Company proceeded to the acquisition of the remaining 6% of INTERNATIONAL HELIOS COTACHEM SA, which resulted to its participation in the share capital of the latter amounting to 100% today.

In November 2004, the Company, through its subsidiary DRUCKFARBEN (Cyprus) Ltd. established DF DOO BELGRADE in Serbia, which is active in the field of paint, solvent and chemical trade for the preservation and import and export of inks and industrial equipment.
Also in December 2004, the merger by absorption of International Helios Cotahem SA by Druckfarben Hellas SA was completed.


In 2005, the Company, a pioneer in its sector in Greece, installed the EMAS Environmental Management System with Reg. No: EL – 000034 (Eco Management & Audit Scheme) according to the European Regulation 761/2004, while also implementing an Environmental Management System ELOT EN ISO 14001: 2004.

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In 2007, Druckfarben Hellas A.E.B.E. proceeded to the acquisition of 60% of the shares of EUROCHROMA SOCIETE ANONYME INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL (now DFH Druckfarben A.B.E.E.). EUROCHROMA Company is based in Inofita, Viotia, where its production facilities are located.
In the same year, the operation of the Romanian factory of 5,300 m² was initiated on a privately owned 37,000 m² plot.


In 2008 the construction of the new paint factory building was completed at the company’s premises in Aspropyrgos.

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In 2009, the Company acquired the remaining 40% of the shares of DFH Druckfarben A.B.E.E. (former EUROCHROMA), with the result that its shareholding in the share capital of the latter is currently at 100%.
In the same year, the Company applied the Total Quality Management System, following the successful Certification of the Company to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System at its premises in Aspropyrgos, Attica, in accordance with OHSAS 18001: 2007.
Ιn 2009, the spin-off and contribution of the industry of DRUCKFARBEN Hellas SA was completed and its absorption by the 100% subsidiary “DFH DRUCKFARBEN SA” (formerly “EUROCHROME INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COLOR COMPANY”).


In February 2012 the merger of the activities of Druckfarben Group and Sun Chemical Group was completed in the graphic arts sector, in the Southeast European region with the founding of a joint venture called ‘Sun Chemical Delta B.V.’ with a registered office in the Netherlands. The Druckfarben Group participated in the consortium with 49% through the Dutch company “DF Holding NV”, the shareholders of which were Group companies, five new legal entities with the respective names “Sun Chemical Publication Hellas”, “Sun Chemical Publication Bulgaria” , “Sun Chemical Publication Serbia”, “Sun Chemical Publication Romania” and “Sun Chemical Publication Croatia”, which operated under the then new scheme (100% of Sun Chemical Delta BV) and supplied printing inks the markets of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Black Croatia, FYROM, Albania and Cyprus. In Greece, “Sun Chemical Publication Hellas” originated from the spin-off of the Graphic Arts industry of Druckfarben and its graphic arts commercial business by a 100% subsidiary “DFH DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS LTD HELLAS TYPOGRAPHIC COLORS INDUSTRY ” and their contribution to it by applying of the provisions of Law 1297/1972.


In May 2015, after a very successful activity in the printing ink industry, Druckfarben sold its offset ink division stake to Sun Chemical Delta B.V.


Within the framework of the global development strategy of the Group, a joint venture between “A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Ltd.” and “Druckfarben Hellas” was founded in 2011, aiming at the production and marketing of flexible packaging products under the name “Druckfarben Nigeria Ltd.” and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Today Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the world’s seventh largest population. Nigeria is also Africa’s largest economy and the 21st world-wide. Within 2018, the 100% subsidiary of the Group under the name “DFP Druckfarben EOOD” acquired the 25% of “DF Nigeria Ltd.” from “A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Ltd”., so the percentage of the Group in “DF Nigeria Ltd.” was formed at 75%, having gained full control of Company in a country which is rapidly strengthening its position on the world economic charter. The strategy of Druckfarben Hellas is, therefore, to use “DF Nigeria Ltd.” as the starting point in entering in other African countries and as competition has not yet intensified, aiming to gain a greater market share.