Comprises of a group of companies with worldwide activities catering to the ink, coating, and energy saving sectors.

More specifically, DF Hellas S.A. produces inks for flexography and rotogravure printing under the DRUCKFARBEN brand name using sub-brands for the various applications in the food packaging, plastic bags, cartons, and related products.

In the coatings division it commercializes its decorative and architectural paints products under the KRAFT PAINTS brand and in the energy saving/external thermal insulation products under the BIOCLIMA brand.

The Group has an important and increasing international presence in Eastern and Central Europe through subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and through representatives in Malta, Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Western and North Africa, Israel, and the Gulf countries.

In West Africa, the company operates in Nigeria through its own subsidiary and the neighboring countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The company’s strategy includes expanding its export activities to new countries supported by a strong network of local partners.

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The Group has developed
strategic partnerships and significant experience

with leading European firms for inks exclusive distribution and representation in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries.

Our Advantages

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Strategy & Goals


With the aim of achieving our vision of strengthening our leading role in the ink market and gaining a leading position in the coatings sector and energy saving market, the Group’s growth strategy focuses on the following goals per industry:

International Presence


The company was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, it is 100% controlled by Druckfarben Hellas S.A. and it is a Holding Company that controls the shares of all its subsidiaries outside Greece. Through this company, the Group examines and assesses the likelihood of acquisitions or Joint Ventures (JV) in new markets.

The company was founded in 1997 and was acquired in 2003 by Druckfarben Hellas S.A. (through its subsidiary in Cyprus). The company’s headquarters are in Sofia, Bulgaria, where it has leased warehouses and offices of 1,700 m² , from where it trades its products in Bulgaria. Its scope of activities is the marketing and distribution of products produced and traded by the Group. In 2017 DFH Bulgaria EOOD carved-out the Company’s printing inks sector and contributed it to the newly created 100% subsidiary company DFP DRUCKBARBEN EOOD, aiming at the organizational separation and specialization of business activities by anticipating more efficient utilization of the production units and distribution networks.

The company was founded in 1997 with the name DF Com ROMANIA SRL. DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS S.A. proceeded with the acquisition of this company through its Cyprus subsidiary in 2003 and in February 2005 the company was given its present name. The company’s headquarters are situated in Bucharest.The company’s premises include a manufacturing plant, storage facilities and offices of 5.300 m2 on company- owned land of 37.000m2 in Bucharest industrial park.

The company’s activities comprise the production and sales of inks, paints, solvents and chemicals.

DF Romania SRL currently operates in the following sectors:

• Flexible Packaging, through sale of Flexography & Rotogravure inks under Druckfarben brand (carton boxes, plastic bags, foodstuff packages)
• Architectural Paints under the KRAFT PAINTS brand, through sale of architectural paints & varnishes, sold through 900 out of 5.300 sales points in the country.

In the Flexible Packaging sector, DFR possesses a significant market share in Flexographic Rotogravure inks (carton boxes, plastic bags, foodstuff packaging).

In 2017 DF Romania SRL transferred the Company’s printing inks sector to the newly created 100% subsidiary company DFP DRUCKBARBEN SRL, aiming at the organizational separation and specialization of business activities by anticipating more efficient utilization of the production units and distribution networks.

The company was founded in November 2004 with the name “DF d.o.o. Beograd”, through Druckfarben Hellas subsidiary in Cyprus. The company’s headquarters are located in Beograd, with storage facilities and offices covering 600sq.m. The company is active in the marketing and distribution of products (inks, paints, solvents and chemical agents as well as import/export of inks and printing supplies) produced and traded by the Group.

Within the framework of the global development strategy of the Group, a joint venture between “A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Ltd.” and “Druckfarben Hellas” was founded in 2011, aiming at the production and marketing of flexible packaging products under the name “Druckfarben Nigeria Ltd.” and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Today Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the world’s seventh largest population. Nigeria is also Africa’s largest economy and the 21st world-wide. Within 2018, the 100% subsidiary of the Group under the name “DFP Druckfarben EOOD” acquired the 25% of “DF Nigeria Ltd.” from “A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Ltd”., so the percentage of the Group in “DF Nigeria Ltd.” was formed at 75%, having gained full control of Company in a country which is rapidly strengthening its position on the world economic charter. The strategy of Druckfarben Hellas is, therefore, to use “DF Nigeria Ltd.” as the starting point in entering in other African countries  aiming to gain a greater market share.