Water Based

Substrates Properties Applications
NP/ NI Carton boxes and recycled paper, paper bags, brown and white cardboard, paper sacks High coverage, good gloss, low foaming, good rub resistance Flexo (surface printing)
NR / NRS Carton boxes, shopping paper bags, white cardboard, coated cartonboard Fine raster high speed printing, excellent gloss, minimum dot gain, printing stability Flexo (surface printing)
NF / NFS High quality paperbags, coated paper for labels High gloss, very fast converting speed Flexo (surface printing)
NW Household towels, kitchen and hand towels, facial tissues, toilet paper, paper napkins Good printability, resistant to water – alkalis – alcohols (according to EN 646) Flexo (surface printing)
NM Printing on polyethylene (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE), polypropylene (BOPP, cast), surface printing of shopping bags, internal printing of adhesive tapes, different types of bio degradable PE, ΝΜ light fastness for PE sacks Very good rub resistance, good printability, high blocking resistance, high gloss Flexo (surface printing)
NG Alum foil Transparency, high gloss, excellent adhesion and scuff resistance Flexo and gravure (surface printing)