Energy saving and upgrading systems with the certified External Thermal Insulation BIOCLIMA system from KRAFT PAINTS.

KRAFT PAINTS, promptly realizing the contemporary need for environmentally friendly buildings and better living conditions, created the BIOCLIMA® line, a comprehensive range of products and systems, designed for energy saving and aesthetic upgrading of buildings. Energy saving is a vital issue today, both for the protection of the environment through saving energy resources and for reducing the costs we spend on cooling or heating.

Regarding the building sector and building constructions already existing in Greece, the condition of building protection from winter cold and summer heat is by and large incomplete considering that only about 58% of the inhabited houses in Greece have any kind of thermal insulation while about 40% has absolutely none. (Source: Hellenic Statistical Authority). This translates into about 3 million buildings without any thermal insulation.

Adding to the fact of faulty implementation of thermal insulation in already constructed buildings even in recent years as well as the aging of thermal insulation in some of its fragile materials, we conclude that a significant part of the energy saving problem is due to the country’s building structure.

KRAFT Paints, a Druckfarben Hellas S.A. Group company, loyal to its vision, constantly develops and produces innovative products and systems tailored to customer specific requirements and needs. One of them is BIOCLIMA, a complete family of energy upgrade systems, which offers the most complete line of certified external thermal insulation systems named CLIMAtotal with 92 certified combination system materials, with a European certification according to ETAG004 (No. ED 10/0122) among other insulating materials (EPS – expanded polystyrene graphite or non-graphite, XPS – extruded polystyrene, mineral wool boards), base coating materials (organic and inorganic) and final coatings (acrylics, elastomerics, siloxanes, granites and energy coatings) in a wide range of grain sizes from 0.4mm up to 2.5mm, suitable to all construction substrates.

More specifically, an important feature of an external thermal insulation system is its applicability to a variety of building structures which may include particular construction requirements and hence specific material specifications. This requirement fully covered by KRAFT’s certified BIOCLIMA thermal insulation system for the following reasons:

It was the first external thermal insulation system in Greece certified for the use of all types of the most widely used heat-insulating panels, whether it is expanded polystyrene (white or graphite), extruded polystyrene or mineral wool boards (EPS, XPS, MW). The choice of the type of heat-insulating material is decided by individual designer as it depends on various characteristics (coefficient of thermal conductivity, thickness of heat insulating material, flexibility, absorption of moisture, heat and sound absorption, etc.).

It also offers two options of base coating (crack-resistant protection) of external thermal insulation according to the building requirements. The first concerns inorganic crack-resistant protection using StrongBond (fiber reinforced cement based material), which is used mostly in conventional building (concrete and brick) constructions, and the second concerns organic crack-resistant protection using TotalBond (fiber reinforces cement free material), used in buildings with particular contraction resistance requirements (e.g. metallic constructions with cement panels).

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Variety of options

Additionally, regarding final coatings, BIOCLIMA external thermal insulation system from KRAFT PAINTS offers a variety of options depending on every building case. It is possible to use a final coating: a) acrylic base, with AcrylicPlaster, for typical building cases, b) acrylic base of very high elasticity, with Flexoplaster, for buildings with large contractions and expansion forces or at high altitudes, c) siloxane with Waterproof Plaster product, in case of buildings requiring high water repellency and ease of cleaning such as seaside or very polluting areas, d) high aesthetics and durability granite, with the Granite product, for special architectural design projects in a multitude of colorful or monochrome shades,

e) special energy plaster, with the Clima Comfort Stucco product, with high reflectivity and heat capacity for an ultimate energy and aesthetic result.

All certified BIOCLIMA final coatings from KRAFT PAINTS can be painted and delivered ready for use on the construction site in any of the 900 recommended KRAFT fandeck shades and in various grain sizes ranging from 0.4 mm to 2.5 mm. KRAFT PAINTS BIOCLIMA external thermal insulation system has been entrusted in recent years by constructors, builders, architects and designers in various buildings such as school complexes and hotel units. Our latest projects include Electra Metropolis, Wyndham Grand, Sani Dunes, Mediterranee.

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