Color Ink Management
Our company has many years of significant and in depth experience in integrated solutions in the field of organization and support of our customers' manufacturing and quality control departments. We can create and support an integrated management system, or any of the individual departments that are of interest to our clients in the following areas:
  • Mixing stations: Our company has the ability to install mixing stations or to support and optimize existing systems in terms of product organization and use.
  • Organizing an ink quality control lab: Our company has the ability to undertake, organize and support the inking and shade production section for our customers.
  • Support and training in the field of spectrophotometry and its applications: Organization of quality control with training in the use of spectrophotometry systems for the approach of color targets and samples comparison.
  • Supporting forecasting and formulation ink systems based on a specific color target by creating color databases for our products.

Our company can support any of the above sections or connect them all to a complete solution while providing process safeguarding services in the context of a colorimetric approach using bases and varnishes as well as methods of utilizing returned inks from the customer’s inventory.