Druckfarben holds a significant position in the area of architectural paints, varnishes and thermal insulation through the production and distribution of products under the KRAFT PAINTS brand. The manufacturing industry, a brand with long history on architectural coatings, offers a holistic approach to every private and architectural project …

by becoming a valuable partner to the end user, professional painter, interior designer, architect, structural and construction services and contractors.By continuously investing on cutting edge technology and supporting research and development, KRAFT PAINTS is able to provide high performance products and solutions.

The company offering includes

A wide range of

  • Interior and exterior wall paints
  • Ecological paints
  • High protection wood and metal paints
  • Stone care products
  • Waterproofing and energy save solutions
  • BIOCLIMA holistic approach including energy save and thermal insulation systems
  • Special and floor application products

KRAFT PAINTS incorporates an environmental philosophy and the commitment to operate in an ecologically sensitive manner without compromising on quality. KRAFT PAINTS applications meet all the major architectural quality standards and provide the quality that customers, from architects to applicators demand. KRAFT PAINTS high performance is supported by strong national and international certifications and a proven track record of examples featuring many well-known construction applications.

A member of

the NOVA Paint Club

KRAFT PAINTS holds a unique distinction: it is a full member of the Nova Paint Club, an international organization that includes some of the largest non-multinational coating manufacturers from around the world. This organization was founded in 1983 with the aim of facilitating the exchange of information and expertise and the optimal operation of competition at international level. For more information, visit the official NOVA Paint Club website at

Kraft Paints

A long journey in time

Following the acquisition of HELIOS S.A. in 1999, Druckfarben commenced its activities in the construction paint coating sector. HELIOS S.A., a company whose presence dates back to the mid-1930s, was one of the oldest players in the paint coating business. KRAFT PAINTS, its leading brand, was launched in the 1980s.

In 2008, KRAFT PAINTS inaugurated a brand new manufacturing plant that covers the needs of the domestic market as well as neighboring countries. Druckfarben’s core strategy is to distribute products to the entire SE Europe region from its new, state-of-the-art production facilities in Greece and Romania. KRAFT PAINTS products are also distributed through subsidiaries, Druckfarben Bulgaria and Druckfarben Serbia as well as through a distributor network in Cyprus, Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Malta, Lebanon and Kosovo. The company’s main objective is to provide prompt and efficient customer service. The Romanian factory caters mainly for the needs of customers located in the more northern regions of SE Europe while the Greek factory covers the needs of customers located in the southern part of SE Europe.

The new plant uses state-of-the-art systems to protect the environment, process and recycle industrial waste, and manage rainwater and urban sewage. At the same time, the most advanced and most modern fire safety, fire detection and fire protection systems have been used to ensure the highest degree of safety foremployees.

Moving one step ahead, in 2010 the company launched BIOCLIMA, a new range of Energy saving and upgrading systems with the certified External Thermal Insulation systemcomprising of three certified energy saving and building improvement systems.

KRAFT PAINTS has gained a significant market share by expanding its product range as well as its sales network. The company operates a well-equipped and excellently trained technical department that focuses on innovative products, energy saving systems and eco-friendly products. The company has fostered excellent relationships with its customers with the creation of the KRAFT PAINTS Business Club and by adopting ingenious marketing and sales strategies. Currently, the company boasts a comprehensive product range that covers both professional and consumer needs. The company is at the heart of the Greek consumer today and within the leaders of the paint coating market with a network that exceeds 900 sales points nationwide.

For KRAFT PAINTS, the production of premium construction coatings is a priority. The company’s promise is to bring customers in touch with paint through the production of top quality, innovative and energy saving, eco-friendly products.

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The History of Ilios Paints S.A.

Milestones - Legacy
  • 1910
    Grigorios P. Christidis of Sinassos Cappadocia establishes a paints company and a ship catering company in Constantinople
  • 1935
    The sons of Christos G. Christidis and George G. Christidis, along with their nephew ChristoforosHadjiiosif, founded the Sunset Colors Industry in Drapetsona, Attica. At the same time, G. Christidis establishes Merbolin Paints Industry in Constantinople
  • 1956
    A know-how contract was signed with Belgian DekeynFreres
  • 1972
    Grandson Dimitrios Theodoridis returns from America where he studied Mechanical and Business Administration and worked as a member of IBM and assumes the role of Assistant President
  • 1976
    He takes over the managing director of Illios, D. Theodoridis with deputy cousin Christos Christidis
  • 1979
    Liquidates part of the company's real estate and with the new capital he develops and rises from position 13 in the sector to the 8th position
  • 1986
    Associates with the German company Cotachem, a subsidiary of Israel's largest paint industry - Tambour - and the company Ilios - Cotachem is created
  • 1990
    He becomes a member of the NOVA Club consisting of 17 International Paint Industries. The purpose is the exchange of technical and commercial information.
  • 1991
    An imports contract and know-how contract with the American paints company Pratt &Lambert was signed. Deputy XristosChristidis leaves the joint venture and creates Polymet to promote Pratt &Lambert's products
  • 1996
    A know-how / cooperation and production contract is signed with the German Krautol paint company
  • 1997
    An imports contract with the British company International Paints is signed
  • 1998
    An imports contract is signed with the Spanish company Valentine
  • 1999
    The company moves to the 25th position in the profitability of Hellenic Industries (The Vima Journal). Druckfarben buys 51%.
  • 2000
    Mr. Theodoridis retires and Mr. Georgios Karavasilis becomes Chief Executive Officer of the company.