Wide product range of the highest quality that guarantees exceptional packaging at all times


Added Value Solutions from a collaborative team of highly skilled experts.


Our partners enjoy extensive guidance on market trends, product safety & law regulations
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Druckfarben is much more that an ink company but your dedicated business partner as we continuously strive to meet your unique needs.

Meet your Goals efficiently!

We will guide you for successful Ink Management and support 24/7 to ensure exceptional packaging & consumer safety
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Market Segments
we successfully serve

F&B, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, tobacco, fertilizers, hygiene and personal care, retail stores

Water & Solvent-based inks


Flexography and Rotogravure inks


Color Management & Colorimetry Support


Printing & Packaging

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SYMETALPlastimakVlachos BrosAigis
Positive Results – ‘Long term cooperation, OPV Coating resistant to mechanical forces (embossing resistant), Flexibility, Ability to provide solutions on technical issues, our customer satisfaction’.
Druckfarben offers product quality and technical support with immediate solutions to our applications. We created a database of our shades. We reduced the time of shading with less failure rates and lower coloring time in the machines. The most important improvements: Reduced our inventory, reduced our print costs. We have been able to develop innovative print products with the new ink series and get the most out of our new machine. The main reason for cooperation with Druckfarben is quality and technical support.
Its people specialization concerning inks is better than anyone else’s in Greece, so far. More knowledge acquisition conserving the ink itself and handling it. Greek company, with products having a good quality/price ratio.
Vlachos Bros
We have 20 years of solid cooperation with DRUCKFARBEN. We have selected DRUCKFARBEN as a key supplier because of the very good and consistent quality combined with excellent service and support. This collaboration has provided us with a wide range of products, technical solutions and improvements. We believe that our cooperation has overtaken the typical customer-supplier relationship and with DRUCKFARBEN we feel today as REAL PARTNERS

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